This week I learned

Excerpts from my development journal

Week 26 published

This week I looked into fish key bindings again, and I found two neat bindings I’d like to incorporate into my workflow.


Not unlike other shells, Tab completes the current token. Shift-Tab on the other hand will complete the current token and enter search mode.

Terminal screenshot showing shift-tab in action


When typing a command, Fish will offer suggestions based on entries in the history. When the suggestion matches what you wanted to type, you can accept it with Ctrl-F (Ctrl-E also works). It was probably the superpower that won me over when I started using Fish. However, it took me until now to find out its complement — Alt-F — which accepts the first word in the suggestion.


Alt-L lists the contents of a directory — by default the current one, which compared to typing ls only saves one keystroke — unless the cursor is over a directory argument, in which case the contents of that directory will be listed.


Alt-H shows the manual page for the current command while Alt-P appends |less to the end of the current command.

I’m not yet sure the last three will make it into my workflow, but I found them interesting nonetheless.