This week I learned

Excerpts from my development journal

Week 25 published

One could learn something new about the vast vim-fugitive every week and still not run out of novelties for a long time. This week I took some time to learn about the capabilities of the :Gstatus command. Until now I’ve only used it informatively, but from now on I will try to incorporate cvc (invokes git commit --verbose1), cva (same, but with --amend), and ce (amend without editing the commit message).

D shows the diff for the selected file, and once the diff is open zR expands all folds (vim folding being one of the areas that I also need to explore at some point).

q closes the status window – this one is not new, but a lot of the time I still type :q out of habit.

As is always the case with vim-fugitive, there are many more things to discover, but I want to internalize these mappings first.

  1. Verbose is my preferred way of writing commits; fugitive’s non-verbose alternative is cc