Miha Filej

miha@filej.net · miha.filej.net

I enjoy engineering software which I've been doing professionally since 2005. In my professional career I have accumulated extensive knowledge of the Ruby programming language and its ecosystem. Other fields of expertise also include Elixir, JavaScript, and relational databases. That said, learning new languages, frameworks, and tools is a challenge that I'm more than happy to accept. My engineering skill set is a mix of software development best practices acquired through the years and a solid understanding of computer science fundamentals acquired through formal education.

Work history

Skillsoft1 (Dec 2016—May 2017)

Joined a group of distributed teams developing a new learning management product. The distributed nature of the project presented several technical as well as inter-personal challenges. On the technical side code needed to be robust enough to cope with notoriously unreliable network calls and coordinate between numerous network services. On the human side, the implementation of most features required coordination between developers from different teams, from designing and agreeing on an interface, to implementing and testing it. Work organization was fairly autonomous with self-reporting to management on a regular basis.

Leadformance2 (Oct 2013—Nov 2016)

Initially I was part of a team of three developers where we led the development of a fairy complex store locator application. The main challenge was to manage the complexity of the business logic and handle the constant onslaught of new feature requests and edge cases from the various clients; finding ways to abstract the new requirements within existing logic, looking for alternate ways of solving the problem with lesser (or no) impact on the codebase, and sometimes simply advising the business that satisfying certain requirements could have unbearable maintenance costs in the future. I also helped the company with hiring, onboarding, and mentoring new developers to grow the team to 10 developers. On the technical side, the challenges also included improving the performance of the application and database in order to handle an ever increasing number of users.

Betribes/ClubJudge3 (Nov 2011—Jul 2013)

Nightlife club discovery and rating. Responsible for the JSON API that powers the front-end application, mobile apps, and third-party clients. Implemented music genre recommendation algorithms. Built Ember.js and Backbone.js prototypes.

Marketana (Nov 2010—Jun 2011)

Competitor and market tracking application built on Rails, using text classification and indexing algorithms, feed crawling and aggregation. Developed the whole web stack, from front-end, to back-end, to database.

LiveCliq4 (Sep 2008—Nov 2009)

Live video streaming and sharing. Helped stabilize the project with a major refactoring. Ruby on Rails web application, Merb REST API for mobile clients. Full-stack development.

OdpiralniČasi5 (Aug 2007—Apr 2009)

Opening hours for stores and restaurants. I developed some features and refactored part of the application.

Formal education

  1. http://skillsoft.com/
  2. http://leadformance.com/
  3. http://clubjudge.com/
  4. http://livecliq.net/
  5. http://odpiralnicasi.com/